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The Third Reformation is Coming! How God Will Radically Redefine the Church in the Coming Days

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"[A] clarion call to the Church to wake up to its inner potentials...In my more than forty five years of ministry, I have never read (even in my own book, Shock Wave) or heard a more concise call for unity in the body of Christ, than this book. - BURTON SEAVEY, Apostle

From the Back Cover

Prophetic leaders, for decades, have been describing a coming reformational move of the Holy Spirit that would begin around the turn of the century. This reformational move has been prophetically foreseen as an event that will eclipse every previous move of God and align the Church for its end-time ministry.

According to apostolic and prophetic leader, Scott Wallis, we are on the verge of this third reformational move of the Holy Spirit. Through prophetic insight, historical experience and scriptural wisdom, he lays a solid foundation throughout the pages of this book for understanding this coming third reformational move of the Holy Spirit.
Within the pages of this book, you will discover:
  1. What the first two reformational moves of the Holy Spirit teach us about the coming move of God.
  2. The three events that must take place for a reformational move of God to occur.
  3. How to receive the free gift offered in this coming reformational move.
  4. What the third baptism represents and how this will affect the Church in the future.
  5. Practical wisdom keys that will help today's church become the prophesied Third Day Church.
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