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Lighthouse Publications

In 1991, Scott Wallis began his search to find a publishing company that would publish his new book, Decade of Destiny. To his surprise, finding a publisher interested in a timely prophetic word from God was almost impossible. Publishers open to publishing his book required huge minimums (5000 or more books). So, he had this thought: What if there existed a book publisher that was interested in publishing timely prophetic messages? That’s when Lighthouse Publications was born.


Then, he published his best-selling book, Decade of Destiny, through his own publishing company. He started his business on a shoe string. Today, Lighthouse Publications is 20+ year old company. Besides publishing Scott Wallis’s own prophetic books, Lighthouse has published books by renowned and unknown authors with a timely and prophetic message for the church. Currently, Lighthouse Publications is seeking authors with relevant messages to today’s church and world.

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