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  • Is Lighthouse Publications a self-publishing company?
    No. We are not a self-publisher. We do not publish every book submitted to us. We look for authors with a timely and prophetic message that has the ability to impact the global church.
  • Why do you charge money to publish books?
    We charge our authors due to certain standard costs of publishing.
  • Will my books be distributed through bookstores?
    Yes. We work with bookstores to distribute our titles. Your title will be available to bookstores. We cannot guarantee that they will carry your title. But, we work hard to promote all our authors.
  • How many copies of my book will I sell?
    Your book's sales are determined by a multitude of factors. Publicity, marketing and distribution are a small part of sales. Often, authors determine their sales by their level of interest in promoting their books. And, of course, the message contained in their books. Your authenticity, writing quality, message relevance, cover design, readability, visibilty and recognition are what deteremine sales. Your efforts in book sales make the difference. Don't forget this
  • How much money will I make by publishing my book with you?
    Your sales are determined by the factors identified above. We offer generous royalties for our authors on sales of their books. We work hard to promote your book. We offer you tools to promote your book. But, it is more likely that you will make more money publishing your book through us than self-publishing.
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