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Entering the School of the Prophets: Training a Prophetic Generation

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From the Author

I know many prophets have been blessed by this book. It has enabled them to understand their calling, and the training processes endured to enter into that calling. Being a prophet is not easy. Prophets face obstacles, ostracism and obnoxious opposition to their message and mandate. A true prophet pierces the veil of flesh to touch the spirit of man, the human heart, and draw that heart to God.

I trust that, through this book, your understanding of prophets and prophetic graces will increase and that you will grow in your calling in Christ, whether of prophet or pastor or parishioner. God wants to open the eyes of your understanding to enable you to walk in His light today

From the Back Cover

Entering the School of the Prophets is Pastor Wallis' third book in his series on understanding prophetic ministry. His first two books: How to Know if Your Prophecy is Really from God and Plugging into the Spirit of Prophecy have helped many believers/leaders understand the value of genuine prophecy.

Pastor Wallis' third book answers questions regarding the prophetic office and its value to the body of Christ today. Answering questions like: What is a prophet?; "How do I know if I'm called as a prophet?"; "Are there different kinds of prophets?"; and "Where does a prophet receive their training?" Thankfully, he answers these and other questions, as a proven man of God, having served in the office of prophet for many years.
God is truly calling many today into the prophetic ministry. This book is a great resource for those desiring to understand more about the prophetic office and ministry. Pastor and leaders within the body of Christ will find this book practically helps them care for and walk with those under their care called to the prophetic office or ministry.
Within the pages of this book, you will learn:
  • How can I know if I'm called to be a prophet or prophetess?
  • What are the 5 major types of prophets scripture reveals?
  • How different prophets function and receive words from God?
  • Why relationships strengthen the prophetic gift and anointing?
  • How Schools of Prophets function and the role of a senior prophet?
  • How to train prophetic children and build prophetic communities
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