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How to Know if Your Prophecy is Really From God: And What to Do if it is

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From the Author

One of the great tragedies in the church today are the unfulfilled prophecies believers have received. Instead of experiencing the genuine power of prophecy, believers have been overwhelmed by false, inaccurate and misunderstood prophecies. I wrote this book to combat the misunderstandings that believers often have of prophecy and prophetic ministry. This is a valuable, honorable and vital tool believers need. But, to handle this powerful tool we need discernment and wisdom.

From the Back Cover

Personal prophecy has become a hot topic in the body of Christ over the past several years. Many believers are interested in hearing from God. There is an excitement in the air about the supernatural. People long to see the miracles of the Bible happen in their lives; they want to experience God moving on their behalf. This is a good thing.

God desires to speak into our lives. He wants us to receive clear understanding of His will for our lives. This is why He uses prophets to speak to us prophetically. Yet, because prophecy can be such a subjective thing, it can be hard to tell if a prophecy is really from God. Often, we are left unclear by what the prophet said, and we don't know how to interpret it for ourselves.
This is why we need to know that not everything prefaced by "Thus says the Lord" is really from God. This means we need to learn how to identify genuine prophecy and what to do with it once we receive it. And, this is what Pastor Wallis teaches in this book: How to Know if Your Prophecy is Really From God - And What To Do If It Is.
Within the pages of this book, you will learn:
  • How prophets and prophecy are to function in the church.
  • Why genuine prophecies can fail us if we don't do what they say.
  • How to interpret what your prophecy is really telling you to do.
  • What false or inaccurate prophecy is and who to avoid it.
  • How to see your prophecies completely fulfilled.
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